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  • Husqvarna DM230 Core Drill
  • Free Carrying case.
  • Water-cooled gearbox where the water passes through the blade spindle, extends life of the gearbox & gaskets.
  • Easy mount to DS150 core drill stand.
  • Controls ergonomically designed & easy to reach.
  • Water hose & electric cable run parallel from the machine.
  • Softstart electric current limiter ensures a softer start & less load on the electrical current.
  • Elgard electric overload protection, protects the motor from excessive wear and tear.
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    Husqvarna DM230 Hand Held Wet Core Drill 968411301

    New handheld drill motor with functional ergonomics. A padded end cap provides increased comfort for the operator. The machine is modular & therefore easy to maintain & serve.

    Model DM 230
    Motor Output 1,725W, 15Amps
    Voltage 115V / 220V
    Spindle Speed (High) 2,900 Rpm
    Spindle Speed (Medium) 1,400 Rpm
    Spindle Speed (Low) 580 Rpm
    Suggested Dia.(High) 1.5" and below
    Suggested Dia.(Medium) 2"-4"
    Suggested Dia.(Low) 4"-6"

    968411301 Husqvarna DM230 Hand Held Wet Core Drill
    15 Amps
    580 |1,400 | 2,900 Rpm
    110 V | 230 V
    Bit Capacity
    6 in.
    12 lbs