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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will PEC’s fit standard column for tubes, such as “SONOTUBE”? Only the PEC10-1/2 and PEC12-1/2 can be used on standard column forms. Since the ID of a standard wall 10” SONOTUBE is 10” with an OD of approximately 10-1/2” and a standard wall 12” SONOTUBE is 12” with an OD of approximately 12-1/2”.
2. Do the PEC’s have to be stapled to the voids? It is recommended the PEC’s be stapled in three places. While they fit the voids, there is the possibility of the PEC’s becoming dislodged during handing, shipping, and installation. In addition, even though the voids are normally vented, the heat of hydration could build up and cause/create pressure to push ends off the void.
3. Are other sizes available? Yes-Deslauriers can custom fabricate or custom mold other sizes
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    Plastic End Caps are designed to fit the ends of round void Concrete forms, used in cast-in-place and precast slabs. Customs sizes are available upon request.