Hex Head Self Drilling Teks Screws

Teks screws, also known as self drilling screws, drill their own hole in thin sheet metal, heavier gauge metals and other materials, then form close mating threads in the hole . The Teks screw is ideal for automated assembly and reduces or eliminates the need for drill bits or taps. Once the hole is drilled, Teks screws (self drilling screws) tap the hole in the same way as thread forming or thread cutting screws do in a pre-drilled hole. They are also designed to eliminate paint build-up, weld flash, or foreign material that may occur in pre-drilled or pre-punched holes.

Here are some tips to help your job go smoothly:

  • Always drill at a 90 degree angle
  • Make sure your driver is set to forward.
  • If your screw wobbles it’s time to change the nut driver. Make sure the screw head fits securely in the nut driver
  • If heads are breaking off try adjusting the screwdriver depth locator so the drive will disengage at the correct depth. Also check the torque setting. Backing down on the torque setting should help.
  • If the screw drills but will not thread most likely the material is too thick
  • If the screw threads are stripping try a coarser thread
  • If the drill points are breaking try a longer drill point especially when drilling from one material into another
  • Last but not least “Let the screw do the work”