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  • The Steel Shark II? 4-3/8" replacement blade
  • For use with the BNCE-20 Cutting Edge Saw only!
  • Cutting depth- .86"
  • 250-500 cuts per blade of Grade 60 rebar, depending on size of rebar
  • Minimal cutting sparks, burr-free cuts

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    Benner Nawman 4-3/8" Multi-purpose replacement blade for the BNCE-20 Cutting Edge Saw.

    The Cutting Edge Saw

    Blade size 4-3/8"
    Blade Type Tungsten Carbide Tipped
    # of Blade Teeth 24
    Blade Kerf1.6mm

    Package Includes(1) Steel Shark Blade
    (4) BNCEP1-73 M5X15 Hex Bolts
    (1) 3mm Hex Key