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Specifications, Listings and Approvals

Diameter: 1/4"
Body Material: Die Cast Zamac Alloy
Pin Material: Hardened Carbon Steel
Head Style: Mushroom
Finish: Zinc Plating ASTM B633
Federal Specifications: GSA FFS-325, GroupV, Type 2, Class 3

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    Powers Hammer Drive Anchors are made from corrosion resistant ZAMAC alloy and can be used in concrete, block, brick or stone. Hammer Drive anchors are installed in pre-drilled holes with a hammer strike that drives a nail into the anchor body, expanding the anchor to form a tight fit. These anchors secure light loads to masonry materials.

    2" x 1/4" Hammer Drive anchors - ZAMAC Body w/Steel Pin - 1000pcs


    1. Drill a hole in base material using a carbide drill bit the same diameter as the nominal diameter of the anchor to be installed.
    2. Drill the hole to specified embedment depth, plus 1/4" for pin extension, and blow hole clean using compressed air.
    3. Position fixture and insert Hammer Drive anchor.
    4. Tap with hammer until flush with fixture, then drive pin until flush with top of head.
    • Made from corrosion resistant ZAMAC alloy
    • Used with Concrete, Block, Brick or Stone
    • Easily hammered into pre-drilled hole
    • Virtually tamperproof
    • ZAMAC Body with hardened Zinc Plated Steel Nail
    • ASTM B633, SC1, Type III
    • Not for use in overhead applications
    • Packed 1000 pcs/box