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Wirebond Flashing Mastic 5 gallon Pail

Wirebond Flashing MASTIC 5 gallon Pail

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Wirebond Bond-n-Flash Mastic 5 gallon Pail

Wirebond Bond-n-Flash MASTIC 5 gallon Pail

Price: $244.00

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  • Copper Laminated Flashings. Splicing Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic is the preferred mastic to be used while splicing copper flashings.
  • Material should be overlapped a minimum of 4" and a coating of Mastic applied to yield a 30sf per gallon coverage.
  • Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic can be used with Aqua Flash Flashing. Vertical Masonry Surfaces
  • Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic should be spotted to vertical surfaces to receive flashing.
  • The Mastic will hold the flashing in place while masonry is set.
  • Flashing should be secured in a reglet or masonry joint or mechanical fastener.
  • General Purpose Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic can also be used as a general purpose cement for repairing leaks in asphalt roofs, metal roofs, chimneys, flues, down spouts and concrete.
  • CONSISTENCY: Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic is a heavy, trowel grade which spreads easily and adheres to most surfaces. Coverage should yield approximately 30sf per gallon.
  • Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic retains its elasticity and ductility, thus coating will resist extreme variations in temperature.
  • SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces should be clean, dry, and free from grease, oil, or other loose foreign matter.
  • PACKAGE SIZE: Available in 5 gallon pails or 30 oz. tubes.(20 pc/case)
    Price: $144.00

      This unique fibrated mastic was developed to insure the proper sealing characteristics of copper laminated flashings. Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic is a compounded composition of asphalt, mineral stabilizers, and interfibre. It is manufactured to a trowel grade consistency which will provide a durable, elastic coating highly resistant to weathering while excellent adhesion properties. Wire-Bond® Flashing Mastic performs well over a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. It complies with all requirements of Federal Specifications SS-C-153, Type 1 and ASTM D2822, Type 1 and SSPC No. 12