Bulk Bags with Funnel Bottom

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Flap Top-Closed Bottom Bulk Bag- 50 Pack

Flap Top-Closed Bottom Bulk Bag- 50 Pack

Price: $470.00

Funnel Top-Funnel Bottom Bulk Bag- 50 Pack

Funnel Top-Funnel Bottom FIBC Bulk Bag- 50 Pack

Price: $475.00

Item #: OTB-OTFB-50
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Holds a full yard of dry loose, powder or granular material up to 2,500 pounds!
Holds much more than other FIBC bags.

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    Price: $600.00

      • Keep your work site clean
      • Easily transport dry building materials
      • Move up to one ton of gravel, sand or debris easily & quickly
      • Polypropylene is light and requires little storage space.
      • Polypropylene is cheaper than most packaging materials to ship and store.
      • Polypropylene does not absorb humidity causing it to avoid disease.
      • Polypropylene does not attract rodents

      Extremely durable woven polypropylene

      34" x 34" x 41" 1.00 ton

      Safety Rated:

      HACCP Food Grade Certified