DBD-25H Portable Rebar Bender
BN DBD-25H rebar bender

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DBD-25H | Bend Up o #8 (1in., 25 mm) Grade 60 Rebar

  • Heavy-Duty Construction For Maximum Tool Life
  • Standard Foot Pedal Control Switch For Hands Free Operation
  • Dual Angle Locks For Repeating Bending Angle
  • Dial-Type Angle Selector For 0-180 Degree Bends
  • Standard Features Include Emergency Stop Switch and Two Side Lifting Handles
  • Ships Complete With Roller Set (9) In Steel Carrying Case, Foot Pedal, and Tool Kit

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    This heavy-duty portable bender helps to save valuable man-hours by effortlessly bending rebar up to #8 (1in.) Grade 60 at job sites or in your shop. This strong electrical-mechanical bender has two preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend. The lever-type angle selector can be set to accurately bend any angle from 0-180 degrees. Bends (4) each #3 rebar, (3) each #4, (2) each #5 or #6 rebar and (1) #7 or #8 rebar at one time. The roller chart makes it easy to select the correct combination of rollers to achieve an inside bending diameter of six times the rebar diameter. An emergency stop switch and two lifting handles are standard features. The DBD-25H portable rebar bender comes complete with (9) bending rollers in two steel carrying cases, a tool kit, a bender cover, and a standard foot pedal control switch for hands-free bending. Optional circular pattern bending rollers are available. Benner-Nawman backs it with a one-year warranty.

    DBD-25H Rebar Bender Specifications

    Maximum Bending Diameter #8 (1in.) (25mm) Grade 60
    Bending Angle 0 - 180 degrees
    Bending Speed 9 Seconds for 180 degree bend
    Power Supply 115V 50/60Hz -15 amps
    Weight 210 lbs. (95 kg)