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BN Products DC-16W Portable Rebar Cutter

  • Cleanly Cuts Up To #5 (5/8") Grade 60 Rebar
  • "D" Grip Handle
  • Double Insulated
  • Does Not Throw Off Sparks
  • Cold Cutting Shear
  • Plastic Carrying Case, Hydraulic Oil & Tool Kit
Price: $1,602.65


    The DC-16W portable heavy-duty rebar cutter will safely, efficiently, and cleanly cut rebar up to #5 (5/8") diameter grade 60. This self-contained electric/hydraulic unit will also cut other items like chain, bolts and rod but is specifically designed for rebar. The DC-16W cutter is designed for effortless vertical and horizontal cutting applications. The DC-16W is a cold-cutting shear unlike saws with abrasive blades and cutting torches. There are no sparks or flame and no trailing hoses to snare equipment or worker feet. A safety relief valve for retracting the piston and a cutting guard are standard features. Ships complete in a carrying case with hydraulic oil and a tool kit.

    DC-16W Portable #5 Rebar Cutter


    Maximum Cutting Diameter 5/8 inch #5 Rebar (16mm) Grade 60
    Cuts per battery /Cutting speed 2.5 seconds
    Volts/ Amperage 115 Volt 50/60 Hz / 10 Amps
    Tool Weight 17.6 lbs.(8 kg)
    Dimensions (w/o side handle) L x W x H 18inch (460mm) x 14 inch (270mm) x 4.5 inch(115mm)