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Marshalltown MIX59289  Concrete Mixer: 6 cu ft Size, 8 hp HP, Honda Gas, Steel

Marshalltown MIX59289 Concrete Mixer: 6 cu ft Size, 8 HP, Honda Gas,Pintle Hitch, Steel Drum-

Price: $4,900.00

Marshalltown MIX59405 - Mixer 600CM-PL with 1-1/2 Hp Electric motor

Marshalltown MIX59405 - Concrete Mixer 6 Cu FT capacity with 1-1/2 Hp Electric motor, Pintle Hitch-

Price: $5,230.00

Item #: MT-27299
Availability: Stock
Usually ships In 2-5 Business Days
  • Batch Capacity: 8 CU
  • MOTOR: 3 Hp Electric 
  • Clutch: Pivoting Engine Mount
  • TOW BAR: Pintle Hitch
  • Heavy Duty Steel Grill with bag splitter
  • 2 drum Scrappers + 2 end Scrappers
Price: $5,750.00


    The MARSHALLTOWN Mortar/Plaster Mixers have a structural steel design with a square shaft paddle to create better efficiency, less cleanup,

    and a smooth even mix to easily be applied. Added is a short spout lip at a sharp dump angle that permits for reliable material flow. This

    aggressive system has a 30 RPM rotation with adjustable steel and rubber blades. The product also has a side and rear forklift pocket to make it

    mobile and adding more versatility to produce professional results. You have the choice for an 8 ft³, 12 ft³, or 16ft³ of capacity that all

    come in different sized motors depending on your needs. The clutch mechanisms are either a pivot engine mount or hydraulic. Also offered is

    the option of outriggers and picking between a pintle tow bar, 2in. ball coupler tow bar, or none at all.