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Marshalltown MIX59289  Concrete Mixer: 6 cu ft Size, 8 hp HP, Honda Gas, Steel

Marshalltown MIX59289 Concrete Mixer: 6 cu ft Size, 8 HP, Honda Gas,Pintle Hitch, Steel Drum-

Price: $4,900.00

Marshalltown MIX59405 - Mixer 600CM-PL with 1-1/2 Hp Electric motor

Marshalltown MIX59405 - Concrete Mixer 6 Cu FT capacity with 1-1/2 Hp Electric motor, Pintle Hitch-

Price: $5,230.00

Item #: MT-22281
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  • Batch Capacity : 6 CU
  • Drum Lining : Polyethylene
  • Engine Options 1-1/2 HP Electric
  • Tow Bar : Pintle
  • 13 inch wheels 25 inch O.D. Tires
  • 25 inch discharge height
  • 18 Inch drum opening
  • 25 RPM drum rotation
  • On/Off Switch : YES
  • Hydraulic : No

Price: $5,385.00


    The Marshalltown 600CM Concrete Mixer with Poly Liner, Pintle Hitch and 1.5 HP Electric Engine represents Marshalltown's heavy-duty mixers. It features a reinforced square tubular frame with a welded steel yoke for long-term rugged use. The nonstick steel drum encases the FDA/NSF/USDA-approved nonstick poly liner for added durability and can be disassembled for replacement. The wheel and hand brake tilting mechanism allow the tilt wheel to rotate the drum in infinite mixing positions, moving in the same direction as the drum. The frictional hand brake locks the drum in place in any position. Cast iron ring gear and tapered roller bearings deliver smooth performance. Sturdy in-mold mixing blades ensure a thorough mix. The high-speed tow kit is standard with 13in. wheels and 25in. O.D. tires. 25in. discharge height. 18in. drum opening. 25 RPM drum rotation. Pintle-style hitch.