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Newborn Dual Component Applicator

Newborn 750-XSP Dual Component Applicator 26:1 Thrust Ratio

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Newborn 101- Standard 1/10 gallon Caulk Applicator - 12 Pack

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Item #: NB-620AL-BLUE
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  • Precision Sintered Friction Plate
  • Easy Release Star-Burst Reverse Gripping Plate
  • Bulk/Sausage Pack Conical Ejector - Less Waste
  • 18:1 Thrust Ratio
  • One Piece Molded Multi-Chemical Resistant Twin Hytrel Cup
  • Push Disk for use with Cartridge
  • Includes 3 PC-620 Nozzles
Price: $47.00


    The Newborn Model 620-AL in BLUE is the all-in-one sealant dispensing tool you need to apply 1/10th cartridge sealant, 29 oz sealants or glues, 20 oz sausage pack sealants and bulk sealants. The 18:1 high trust ratio makes it easy to lay an accurate smooth bead no matter what the application. It features a smooth rod system to help dispense an even flow.

    • Fully equipped to be used for 20oz sausage packs, bulk and cartridges with no other parts or kits needed.
    • 18:1 Thrust Ratio
    • Patented ETG (Effective Trigger Grip) allows no slack and prolongs the trigger action.
    • Comes with bulk/sausage cup setup which consists of conical ejector and hytrel cup
      • Conical ejector to extrude more material than standard flat push plates
      • Expanding hytrel cup to increase suction for quick change to bulk loader
    • 3 PC-620 Cones Included
    • Zinc Alloy Handle
    • Easy Release Star-Burst Reverse Gripping Plate
    • Rotating Barrel