Veneer Anchoring System for Steel Stud Back-up

The POS-I-TIEĀ® is a two piece system for attaching Brick and Stone Veneer to various existing backups. It incorporates a barrel-screw piece which allows easy installation using an ordinary drill with a special chuck adapter.

  • For backups with insulation or gypsum board, the screw penetrates the insulation, screws into the backup, and then prevents moisture penetration by sealing the hole in the insulation with a neoprene washer.
  • The barrel makes a positive contact with the backup wall transferring all compression and tension loads to the backup wall and not to the insulation/gypsum board.The screws are a part of the system; therefore, no inferior screws
  • The barrel is manufactured of ZAMAC 3 - a 92% zinc alloy. The screws are heat treated and StalgardĀ® coated for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Wire ties are available in Hot Dip Galvanized After Fabrication or Stainless Steel

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