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  • Establishes a clean and superior bonding surface for the BOND-N-FLASH membrane promoting the longevity of the flashing.
  • May be used on concrete, masonry, metal, and wood.
  • Dries clear when ready for membrane installation´┐ŻHigh moisture resistance
  • Fuses with applied membrane´┐Ż
  • Extremely aggressive tack hold
  • Apply BOND-N-FLASH Primer to a surface that is dry,clean and free of dust.
  • Substrate should also be free of any oils, waxes and loose debris.
  • Concrete surfaces should be cured prior to the application of the primer. Use either a brush or a short nap roller to apply the primer in a uniform fashion.
  • Allow primer to turn from translucent midnight blue to transparent. ( approximately 30 min.- 1 hr. @ 70 degrees) depending on temperature and humidity levels.
  • Primer should be dry before applying the membrane (may be tacky but should not transfer to the fingers when touched). Premature application of membrane onto wet primer will smother tack development.
  • Application temperature 32 degrees F and rising.
  • Coverage: The amount of BOND-N-FLASH Primer will vary widely from job to job. One gallon of BOND-N-FLASH Primer will cover approximately 250 square feet depending upon the porosity of the substrate.
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        BOND-N-FLASH Primer is a solvent based primer specifically formulated for harsh winter temperatures and difficult substrate surfaces. It is used to enhance the permanent adhesion of the BOND-N-FLASH stainless steel membrane to all horizontal and vertical surfaces. BOND-N-FLASH Primer provides an immediate grab surface for the BOND-N-FLASH membrane establishing a fusion between the primer and the membrane.