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  • 2,250 lbs. SWL
  • Available in any length from 6" to 480"
  • Available with plastic cone, metal cone, metal
  • spreader, flat fixed washer or cupped loose washer
  • Can be manufactured with a tight fitting neoprene
  • washer located near the center of tie to eliminate
  • water seepage along the tie
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    1. Drill holes in plywood 1/8" larger than the snap tie
    head (usually 5/8" diameter drill bit will be required
    2. Place the ends of snap ties through the holes in the
    3. Place the bracket (Jahn? "A", Jahn? "C" or Omni
    wedge) on the tie
    4. The proper tie head position is at the midpoint or
    higher of the Omni wedge slot. Correct spacing
    between double wales is 5/8" to 3/4"
    5. Jahn? "A" bracket is utilized to hold a single wale and
    can be installed before or after the wales have been