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PermaPatch Asphalt Repair- 60 LBS PER BAG 50 BAGS PER PALLET

Perma Patch Asphalt Repair - 60lb bag 50 bags per pallet

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Item #: SIKATOP-123-KIT
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Extremely low shrinkage proven by four industry standard test methods.

High compressive and flexural strengths.▪
Increased freeze/thaw durability and resistance to deicing salts.

Increased density - improved carbon dioxide resistance(carbonation) without adversely affecting water vapor
transmission (not a vapor barrier).

Enhanced with Sika FerroGard® 901, a penetrating corrosion inhibitor - reduces corrosion even in the adjacent concrete.

Compatible with coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete - Passes ASTM C 884. Approved for repairs over cathodic protection systems

.39 Cu FT per kit

Price: $65.00


    SikaTop®-123 Plus is a two-component, polymer-modified, Portland cement-based, fast-setting, non-sag mortar. It is a high performance repair mortar for vertical and overhead surfaces and offers the additional benefit of Sika FerroGard® 901, a penetrating corrosion inhibitor included in its formulation.